About the UCF Department of Biology

The UCF Department of Biology is comprised of a balanced blend of research scientists and classroom lecturers committed to maintaining a diverse undergraduate curriculum, creating a dynamic graduate program, and engaging in contemporary research. Please browse our site to learn more about our role as science educators, researchers and community partners. Find Out More

Biology Events

Thursday Nov 27, 2014

THANKSGIVING – Campus Closed November 27 & 28

9:00AM Monday Dec 1, 2014

Hannah Perkins – Thesis Proposal Defense

Potential global spread and impacts of a large carnivorous reptile

3:00PM Monday Dec 1, 2014

Coastal Ecology Interview Seminar

“Twice Told Tales: Exploring Human Impacts on Coastal Ecosystems.” presented by Dr. David G Kimmel

1:00PM Wednesday Dec 3, 2014

Jason Layne Strickland – Oral Candidacy Exam

Selection and venom evolution in Mojave rattlesnakes, Crotalus scutulatus

11:00AM Thursday Dec 4, 2014

Madison Hall – Oral Candidacy Exam

The seascape and the sirenian niche: combining environmental data, spatial genetic analysis, and ecological niche models for the threatened manatee (Trichechus manatus)